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Good Afternoon
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Good Afternoon Lovely. Reminiscent of Dubstar. Favorite track: Hide the Stones with Flowers.
Jordan Mann
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Jordan Mann I absolutely love this album. Every song is snappy and easy to get in to, not a single wasted note! Favorite track: First Contact.
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Drawn by radio waves, Galactaron focused in on Earth and they traveled a great distance to learn about us. When they finally reached our planet, they landed their massive, red, egg-shaped ship on a frozen lake in the upper Midwest of America. There they met Emily Wong, a young Chinese-American girl who lives with her father. Emily quickly befriended Galactaron and decided to give them a personalized tour of planet Earth. That’s when they started to discover what Earth is, what humans are, what we have to offer, and what we'll take away.


released March 13, 2011



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Galactaron 上海市, China

High five the universe!

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Track Name: Welcome to Terra Firma
Women gruss ni (Chinese german)
Women nombre say dekimasen by umano usta (Chinese Spanish English japanese Italian croation)
Women will be llamo Galactaron (Chinese English Spanish Galactaron)
Women kibo aprendar about ni (Chinese Japanese Spanish English Chinese)

We greet you.
Our names cannot be said by human mouths.
We will be named Galactaron.
We wish to learn about you.
Track Name: First Contact
Emily: "Wow..."

When yo see you wo wanna see everything.

EMILY: "Well… it’s nice to meet you too. I’m Emily, what’s your name?"
SINGER: "Singer."
EMILY: "Singer? Okay, that’s a very unique name. What about this little guy?"
SINGER: "Bass."
EMILY: "Bass? Oh, no. Well I meant like- nevermind. You guys must be freezing, follow me. Let’s go to my house ok? C’mon Guitar."
Track Name: Attention!
I took a second to see
and then a minute to think
Now I’m not just Emily


We’ve never seen them before
But I’ve developed rapport
And they would like to know more

Come listen

Ni hao Halo
It’s so nice to meet ni ren
We’re from up above
We’re from joki no (Japanese)
und we’re called galactaron (german English)

I am their first human friend
And I will show them content
of fair objective treatment


Now I’m a little nervous
About my higher purpose
But I know I am the one

Please hear them

We want to learn of humanity
Hope you trust us, we trust you
Our faith has been put in Emily

Women yao learn of humanity
Nadezhda ni shinrai us women trust you (Russian Chinese Japanese English Chinese English)
Our fede has been mis in Emily (English Italian English French English)

Let’s show a good impression
Please no more imperfection
They want to care about us

Let’s show them our ingenious
Let nothing come between us
We want to show them something good

They’ve chosen me as their guide
And I will try to provide
A visit they won’t forget

Let’s meet them
Track Name: The Synthesizer
Ta is the synthesizer (Chinese English)
and Ta makes the soli you hear (English Chinese English Korean English)
Ta besitzen denki (Chinese German Japanese)
Agnostos ta motivo (Greek Chinese Portuguese)

He is the synthesizer
And He makes the noise you hear
He owns the electricity
Unknown are his motives
Track Name: Hide the Stones with Flowers
Hide the Stones with Flowers
Hold the world with velvet gloves
Only pleasing things to look at
Don’t show anything unloved

You can’t see the truth
‘Cause we want you to
See only the things
We want you to see

Hide the Stones with Flowers
Hold the world with velvet gloves
Only pleasing things to look at
Don’t supply the verity

Hide the Stones with Flowers
Hold the world with velvet gloves
Only pleasing things to look at
Don’t show anything unloved

We’re here to help you
Please look this way and
Ignore that mistake
I’m convinced it’s fake

Usher you inside
I must admit it’s
Slightly dim in here
But no mistakes appear


Let’s have a performance!
We’ll show you what we’re really like
But if you wouldn’t mind
Only view it from this side.

Thanks for visiting
I’m glad that you could
Come enjoy your stay
You’re welcome back our way

If you do return
I hope that you can
Tell us in advance
So your trip can be planned
Track Name: Akachan Eyes
Wo see ni mundo with Akachan Eyes
I see your world with baby's eyes